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I find a key area that business owners find challenging is related to their team issues and, as always, it’s often difficult to see the cause of the problem when you are too close to it inside the business. In this 19th issue of Business Relevant News, I’m sharing with you links to a number of blogs that I consider cover worthy approaches to this problem, but for my own contribution, I thought I would look at the very public team issue being displayed with the Brexit situation, where ‘the team’ is constantly rebelling and fighting the management, (the party leader). As everyone has an opinion on this, I thought you may find it interesting to consider all these views and events as if they were happening in a business environment.

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By David Betts

What Business Lessons Can We From Brexit by David Betts

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How To Turn Around A Demoralised Underperforming Group by Steve Robak

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5 Ideas to Help the Leader Fix a Poor Performing Team at Work by Art Pretty

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How Can I Turn Around Poor Performance? By Monster For Employees

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