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Business is all about decision-making and the better we at it, the better our business will be. Unfortunately, this in itself puts pressure on us to make the correct decision, which adds to a stress generating situation. Below is a collection of blogs that I’ve put together for the 20th issue of Business Relevant News.  I hope you find them helpful in making prompt decisions in your business, but as the saying goes, ‘The only bad decision is not making a decision, an incorrect decision can always be corrected’.

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Succumbing To The Stress Of Decision-Making Can Lead To Loss by Howard Lewinter.

Learning to make decisions effectively can be the key factor in propelling a company into a new level of growth and prosperity, according to this article about indecision in the construction sector and its impact on business. Read it now. 

The Dwelling Impact Of Indecision On Small Business Growth by Jackie Nagel

This article considers the psychological impact of decision-making in business. Jackie Nagel comperes the brain considering a decision to that of a computer launching files saying “the speed at which our computer (aka brain) is able to process dwindles. Performance suffers.” For more of her thoughts on this, see now. 

Time for Action with David Betts

How To Fight Indecision In Business

Delaying a decision in business only has merit if you are able to make a better decision with that delay. In my Pulse article, I recommend some simple steps to improve your decision-making. Click here to read now.

Your Indecision Is Costing Too Much! 8 Proven Behaviours To Help You Be More Decisive by Joseph Folkman

 A leader’s ability to be decisive significantly affects their leadership potential. This article suggests 8 qualities effective leaders have. To learn more see here.

5 Tips to Make Business Decisions If You’re An Indecisive Leader by John Boinott

Some people can easily make decisions, while other people can’t. This article says that if you want to become a good business leader, you can cure yourself by following the 5 tips recommended. Read the full article now.

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