special keyboard - helpIt’s a great question isn’t it? Should I ask somebody about my business and consider taking on outside help? The easy answer from experience is, if you are even thinking about this question, it’s probably the time to act, as generally people leave it too long before acting and this means there is less time and money to use taking any required corrective action.

We hope you enjoy reading the selection of articles on the subject that we have chosen to share in this 18th issue of Business Relevant News.

By David Betts.

6 Ways To Ask For Help As An Entrepreneur by Kara Goldin

This article says that if you want to move fast, avoid making errors and develop your knowledge base and skills, you need to put your ego aside and get support. The author lists 6 tips to ask people for help without imposing on them. Read more now.


Asking For Help Is Good For You And Your Business by Karen Peacock

The author gives a perspective from a small business point of view and discusses why asking for help is beneficial. Check it out by clicking here.

When To Ask For Help With Your Business? by David Betts

In my Pulse article on LinkedIn, I summarise the thought processes that a business owner goes through while considering seeking help from a business coach. Click here to read it now. 

David Bett's diagram about mindset

Why Asking for Help is the Smartest and Fastest Way to Grow Your Business by the Community Futures Saskatchenwan

Some see seeking help as a sign of weakness, but this blog lists 6 reasons why asking for support can help your business grow faster than ever. Read more now.

The Lost Art Of Asking For Help by American Management Association

This interesting blog explores why people struggle with asking for help and the myths surrounding these blockers. To read this blog click here now.