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I’m approaching my 10th anniversary as a Business Coach and thought it would be good to consider how experience and a consistent track record influence a purchasing decision. The underlying thought is that a business delivering a poor service, or product, won’t be around for long and a longer trading experience generates trust in their ability.

So how can we go about generating trust and experience in the marketplace without waiting years for it to become tangible truth?

Trust is the topic for this issue of Business Relevant News. We hope you enjoy reading the selection of articles on the subject that we have chosen to share and they help you to develop trust in your business.

By David Betts.

Trust is the most powerful currency in business by Arthur Gensler

This blog demonstrates how trust has to be won and can be easily lost. See more by clicking here.

7 Trust-Building Tips for your Business by Chelsea Berler

This blog highlights seven actions that help promote trust in the business world through communication, competence and commitment. To discover more about these tips, click now.

No Trust = No Sale by David Betts

In my Pulse on LinkedIn I describe top tips for increasing trust with your customers. See more here.

Falling Pounds on a white background
Falling Pounds on a white background

The Importance of Trust in Business by Behler-Young Company

A lack of trust, is a business’s biggest expense for some business owners, according to this article. It discusses the ‘Eight Pillars of Trust’ in a business that were developed by David Horsager. Read more now.

5 Ways to Build Trust in a Business by Marco Carbajo

The author of this blog says “a trustworthy business can be defined many different ways depending upon the person, business, or organization reviewing it.” Carbajo then five ways you can build trust in your business. Click here to read more.

80% Lose Trust In Local Businesses If Online Information Is Incorrect by Michael Guta

This blog describes why managing your online profile is so important in generating trust. See now.

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Creative business team working on project in office board room.