As the saying goes, “There is no such thing as a bad decision, other than the one you don’t make.” Making the wrong decision can be corrected and your business can move on afterwards. Being fearful of making a wrong decision and deferring it, just paralyses your business and stops its development, possibly even causing its ultimate failure! You just have to look at the mess being created by Brexit to see the country grinding to a halt and notice what indecision causes.

The topic for this issue of Business Relevant News is decision making. We hope you enjoy reading the selection of articles on the subject that we have chosen to share and they help you to start making those crucial decisions in your business.

By David Betts.

The Impact of Indecision in Your Business and How to Overcome it by Deana Ward

The most expensive part of running a business is different to what you may think. Delayed ideas can result in missed opportunities to make your business more visible, according to Deana in her blog. See by clicking here.

How to Be More Decisive by Natasha Burton

This blog highlights 8 steps to take to ease the decision-making process. Click here to read more.Decisive woman

The Death of Indecision: Five Ways to Improve Decision-Making by Bryan Kramer

Without possessing the benefit of hindsight to check and balance our choices, we can never be completely sure that we’re making the right decision.This blog suggests 5 methods to improve your decision making. To read more click here.

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Indecision Kills Business by David Betts

As the British politicians continue to argue about Brexit, the money-making machine of the country has slowed down waiting for a decision to be made. Similarly in business, if you keep avoiding making a decision, you could be missing opportunities. In my blog, I outline a process for making decisions. Read now.

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A Retired Marine and Elite Fighter Pilot Breaks Down the Ooda Loop, The Military Decision-Making Process That Guides ‘Every Single Thing” In Life by Richard Feloni and Anaele Pelisson

The American military define a decision-making process enabling a fast well thought out decision to be made when under pressure and interestingly, this process can be applied to a business situation. Click to continue to read the blog.

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