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At the start of a new year we often have our plans, or at least a conceptual idea, of what we want to achieve with our business over the coming year, but what are the fundamental building blocks you need to grow your business? Having a well-structured approach is one of the best ways to progress.

In this month’s issue of Business Relevant News we explore this in more detail. Getting the foundations right, your attitude and your mindset are important. Personally, I’ve been building a house and can see many comparisons between building a business and building a house, which you can read about in my Pulse article. I hope you enjoy reading the following articles. 

By David.

15 Ways to Grow Your Business Fast

By R.L. Adams

As with everything in life or business, you have to invest your time and effort to build your company. Here R. L. Adams suggests 15 strategies to reap rewards quickly. See now:

Foundation of David Betts House

Coaching for Growth

By Marshall Goldsmith and Patricia Wheeler

This article takes an interesting look at gaining a good foundation. Having the right mindset will help you focus on the things that are important to you rather than following the crowd! It’s well worth a read so click here.

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Top Tips For Building a Business and a House 

By David Betts

Whether you are building a house or a business there are some comparisons, which I mention in my Pulse article on LinkedIn. Read it now. 

David Betts getting the building blocks right

Why Attitude is More Important than IQ

 By Dr Travis Bradberry

“People with a growth mindset are empowered, and empowered people know that there’s no such thing as a truly perfect moment to move forward,” says Dr Travis Bradberry says in this inspiring article. Check out why he thinks attitude is more important than IQ. See: here.

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