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It’s that time of year when we should all be thinking about what we want our businesses to be doing next year, but why is there so much negativity about planning for business? In this issue of Business Relevant News we look at the reasons for the negativity, the effects of not planning and the benefits of having an effective plan in your business.

In addition, to help create a plan, we would like to offer you a free copy of my E-Book, ‘Planning Success in your Business’ (see below), which takes you through a simple structured process to create a plan for your business development. Just drop me an email if you would like a copy to

Wishing you all a great Christmas and a Prosperous Planned New Year!




“If you are planning for one year, grow rice. If you are planning for 20 years, grow trees. If you are planning for centuries, grow men.” – a Chinese Proverb.

Before we get started, let’s take a look at a business dictionary as to what planning means. Read now.

The Effects Of Lack of Planning In An Organisation by Kevin Johnston

In his blog the author highlights the risks of failing to plan in business and how planning can help you avoid any pitfalls or dead end routes on your journey to success. See here.

Business Planning Doesn’t Work! By David Betts

In my Pulse article on LinkedIn I look at a series of planning scenarios, the problems they have caused and ways of dealing with them. Click now.

Strategic Stories: How 3M Is Rewriting Business Planning by G. Shaw, R. Brown, P. Bromiley

This is an interesting article that looks at a more engaging format to use when creating a plan. Check it out.

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How Business Planning Leads to Better Management by Tim Berry

Did you know only 10% to 15% of teams have an effective business planning process? Tim Berry gives a simple overview of how to plan in business and, more importantly, how business executives need to manage the planning activity. Read now.

Business Growth Inhibitor: A Lack of an Effective Plan by Ron Rand

This article highlights the issues created when you don’t have an effective business plan and their negative affect on business growth. For insight click now.