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It’s not uncommon for a business to flourish when first launched, but after a while it can experience a stall in growth, before regrouping back to growth or, worse still, failing. This month in Business Relevant News we are looking at some of the common reasons for this to occur and what a business owner can do about it.
After all, if growth plateaus are part of normal business growth, they are also common indicators that the business has reached the next level and it is ready to grow again. This should be celebrated alongside the application of the resolution to restart the growth.
I hope you enjoy reading the following articles this spring.
Happy Easter! 
By David

4 Things That Can Kill Your Business Growth

By John Boitnott

John Boinott highlights four problems that business owners need to avoid if they don’t want to stunt their business’s growth. They can also be applied to the smaller or startup business. Click here to read now.

Going For Growth … How to Expand Without Destroying Your Business

By Alison Coleman

Deciding to grow your business as a strategy is a great plan. So whilst you are about it why not plan to avoid the pit falls? In this interesting article, Alison Coleman gives tips on ‘scaling up without screwing up’. Read now.

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Empower Your Team To Grow Your Business

By David Betts

It’s very common for a successful business, which has experienced steady growth, to suddenly plateau, or even contract in size, but what causes this? Click here.

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When Growth Stalls

By Matthew S. Olson, Derke van Bever and Seth Verry

Harvard business school looks at major businesses and how they have experienced the problem of a plateau in growth. See here.

Why Businesses Stop Growing

Adapted by Maryalene LaPonsie

There are various reasons why businesses stop growing and this article takes a look at some of the pitfalls and suggests ways of avoiding them. Click to read now.
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