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When you are building your team, you need to envisage who you need, recruit them, train them and set them to task, but some businesses don’t plan ahead. Your first team member isn’t so much an issue, as they tend to pick up what is going on in your business by shadowing you constantly. As the team grows the communication between you and them tends to become less effective and issues arise.

This issue of Business Relevant News looks at how to resolve staff issues. I have selected a number of articles linked to the topic and hope they are helpful to you.

By David

Eight Common Problems Teams Encounter by Steve Nguyen

This is the Harvard Business Review’s answer to eight common problems and how to fix them. Read here.

Meeting in progress
Colleagues having a meeting in a conference room.

Top 10 Team Issues And How To Resolve Them by David Betts

This is my slant on the 10 most common issues that teams face and suggestions on how to resolve them. Click here.

Five Things That Can Make Or Break Workplace Teams by Jillian Phipps

When there is never any guarantee that a team will be effective, establishing some simple ground rules can help. Here are a few suggestions. Click to read now.

1 Dave wemb

4 Problems That Destroy Teamwork (And How To Solve Them) by Powerhouse Prep

If a problem is not fixed, it can have a dangerous effect on your team. This article gives your a different perspective on the same topic. See here.

Workplace Conflicts? 4 Ways To Improve Communication by Nicole Fallon

Many workplace problems stem from a breakdown in communication, according to this article. Read it now.

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