Hike in winter mountain
Hike in winter mountain

It’s reasonable to believe that every business owner wants their business to run smoothly and efficiently gaining maximum profits for minimum aggravation. If that’s the case, why is it that so many business owners unintentionally create a dysfunctional team, which creates aggravation and low efficiency? This is something I sometimes come across in the businesses I work with as a business coach.

This month we look at ways of keeping your team running at optimal condition and things to avoid doing that are likely to upset this. Below are a few links to articles about this theme that you may like to read for inspiration:

By David

3 Types Of Dysfunctional Teams And How To Fix Them by Patty McManus

Establishing a healthy community in your team is important. Patty McManus identifies three key grates in a team that indicate there are problems and then she tells us how to go about addressing them. To read click here.

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7 Reasons Good Teams Become Dysfunctional by Matthew Swyers

This article looks at most common habits of a dysfunctional team and how to change them so you can get your group back on track. Check it out now.

Lookout: 8 Signs Of Dysfunctional Management by Daniel Newman

Is your management team causing the problem? Daniel Newman’s article recognises that great businesses depend on people and looks at poor management traits that adversely effect the team. Read the full post now.

10 Keys To Building A Business Super Team by David Betts

The rewards of having a business where your team works well together, with minimum intervention from you, are huge and this will enable you to outstrip your competitors. Read my Pulse post now!


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