Business success growth chartEveryone wants to grow and develop their business and we all generally expect there to be a cost associated with this. The problem is identifying a specific return on the financial investment made, so you know it was a good strategy. Failing to do this can leave you open to making poor decisions or, worse still, being drawn in to investing money that will never show a return on the investment made. The real thing to understand is that marketing companies’ primary concern is about making money for themselves. If they can make money for you and you keep buying their services, that is secondary.

This issue of Business Relevant News looks at what makes an effective marketing campaign and how to go about creating one. I hope you find the linked articles give you lots of ideas for your own marketing campaigns.

By David

Start Disrupting Your Market With These 5 steps – by Ross McKenzie

This blog suggests a business startup marketing approach but it will apply to most businesses. It advocates 5 steps that will make a significant positive difference to your current results. Read here!

Simple And Cost Effective Marketing Strategies – by Dina Behrman

This blog recommends several ways to get the word out about your great products or services. Check it out here!

12 Companies That Brilliantly Differentiated Themselves From the Competition – by Bethany Shepard

Although it’s USA focused, this blog gives a list of companies who have achieved a difference from their competitors in commodity type markets and tells how they do it. Read now.

Marketing That Makes Money – by David Betts

So what makes a good marketing campaign? In my Pulse article on LinkedIn I take a look at some famous marketing campaigns that have and haven’t worked and suggest how to go about organising your own marketing campaign. Click here to read it!

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