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With the current focus on changes associated with Brexit, it’s easy to concentrate on the trading requirements, rather than the impact on your team. The latter is worth considering, as it could have a far larger impact on your business!

If we compare salary levels in the UK to other comparable counties outside of the European influence, they are significantly higher for lower to mid range jobs. More specifically, if you compare the UK to the Australian employment market, a position can pay twice as much in Australia than in the UK. The reason for these differences may be cultural, but if you look at the current situation in the UK, there is now a significant percentage of Eastern European workers in the low to mid range jobs and they are prepared to work for lower wages as they are still significantly higher than they could earn in their own country.

The reality is that Brexit will change employment in the UK and will more than likely push up wages of the lower and mid range jobs. If you don’t actively work on keeping your team happy and engaged, there are likely to be bigger opportunities for them elsewhere and then you will have the problem of replacing them! Brexit means change and that means the fittest businesses will make strides forward, lower performing businesses will struggle and some will not survive.

This month we are covering the impact on your team with approaching Brexit. We hope you like the articles.

By David Betts

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Low Paid To Get Brexit Pay Rise

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The young man working at the old factory on installation of equi
Make your team members feel valued

How To Demonstrate Your Value To Your Team

By Ifty Nasir

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