We all know that the pressures on businesses change, and actually that the rate of change is ever increasing, but why is this? Obviously it depends on the area of business we are considering, let’s consider marketing. This is such an intense everyday activity for people everywhere that we become blind to it and hence campaigns that work today won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

But what about the bigger changes like global trading agreements that could affect material costs and the ability to sell into specific markets? These are clearly outside of our control and although it’s good to keep abreast of the facts, getting drawn into the media gossip is most likely to be just a waste our valuable time.

There is, however, a much bigger change looming on the horizon that we need to be aware of and that is the next technology shift, or paradigm shift. This is where computers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) become competent at taking over customer facing roles. Just imagine the impact on your business if millions of middle management and administration people were removed from business life. Could this affect your business? Are you ready for such changes? Will you treat this advancement in technology as an opportunity or a set back? I’d be interested to know your thoughts.

By David Betts

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The young man working at the old factory on installation of equi

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