Foutain Pen and Thank You message

We live in a pressure intensive world, where results are everything, but once achieved they are discarded, forgotten and new goals take over! Does any of this sound familiar?

The reality is that if we don’t learn to relax more and give our bodies recovery time in this fast moving lifestyle, then there is a high risk we wont survive to spend the money we earn by working.

One of the things we can do to help our bodies cope is to express gratitude for the things we have and the things that go well in life. Just by taking time to think about these things, it tells our subconscious that we have achieved things with our efforts. It’s thinking positively about both the things we are thankful for and thinking positively ourselves. Now thinking positively about ourselves is actually very important as our bodies react badly to negativity, particularly in regard to personal negativity. Too much negativity ultimately leads to depression, as we give up the drive to succeed and withdraw from life.

So with New Years resolutions fresh in our minds, how about sitting back and being grateful for what we have in life. You never know it may just help create the life you actually desire.

Create a plan to succeed, but then, have a plan to recognise and celebrate your success!

By David Betts

Below are a selection of articles related to gratitude and having a positive mindset to achieve your best:


“A Non-Cheesy Guide To Gratefulness” by Jessica Gross

“Gratefulness is full awareness; thankfulness is thoughtfulness,” according to David Steindl-Rast. His views are highlighted in 12 encouraging items picked out in “A Non-Cheesy Guide To Gratefulness: What To Read And Watch”. This guide covers every aspect of thankfulness and gratefulness in connection with Thanksgiving Day, but can easily be applied to what I’ve been talking about today. See: the guide.

How To “Stay Motivated Every Single Day” by Kevin Kruse

If you’re looking for encouragement and staying power to achieve your New Year Resolution, you might want to read Kevin Kruse’s blog “The Single Best Way To Stay Motivated Every Single Day”. He has spent time learning effective motivation techniques from top athletes, self-made millionaires, politicians and countless other high achievers. Kevin suggests several methods for staying on track. Read Kevin’s blog.

“How Gratitude Can Change Your Life” by Marelisa Fabrega

Marelisa Fabrega has written about the results of an amazing study on gratitude conducted by two psychologists. In “How Gratitude Can Change Your Life” she describes how Michael McCollough and Robert Emmons did a study of several hundred people, splitting them into three groups. Dr Emmons points out: “To say we feel grateful is not to say that everything in our lives are necessarily great. It just means we are aware of our blessings.” Find out more in her study.

“How To Crush Your Goals In 2017” by Dr Travis Bradberry

Most self-improvement efforts are doomed to fail because our emotions have a nasty habit of hijacking our behaviour, according to Dr Travis Bradberry, Co author of the “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” book. In a recent article on LinkedIn, he says that we need to overcome this habit and manage our emotions as they crop up and resolve to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Read his Pulse article.

“All The Time In The World” by David Betts

Sunlight on Planet Earth from Space

Have you every considered what your ideal work week would look like? Time management sounds easy, but it’s not. If you want to learn more about having the right mindset, read my blog “All The Time In The World.”

Throw Out Your To-Do List, Fix Your Calendar, Double Your Productivity” 

by Kevin Kruse

Kevin Kruse recommends you to use your calendar wisely to schedule time for things that are important to you. Read  “Throw Out Your To-Do List, Fix Your Calendar, Double Your Productivity”.

Gratitude For Opportunities by David Betts

I would like to express my gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with many great companies over the years helping them achieve their goals. Some of their stories can be found here.