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There always seems to be some takeover bid in the news regarding multi-billion businesses, but why don’t smaller companies consider this option? The reality is you will need to understand the prospect business as well as yours, together with a plan to make the combined company better than the sum of each of them. The good news is, there can be substantial benefits to a well-matched takeover, providing you go through a structured approach, going into the deal with your eyes open and when it’s right for you.

So this month in Business Relevant News we are looking at Business Acquisition as a growth strategy. Personally, over the past year I’ve been through this process with three clients, all of whom have seen significant benefits from it.

I hope you will find the articles I have selected below interesting.

By David

10 Foreign Takeovers of UK Companies by The Telegraph

You might not have billions of pounds to spend to buy out a business, like some larger companies mentioned in this article, but it is always worth reviewing how deals have gone for other people before going ahead yourself. Check out some of international takeovers of well known organisations here.. It may inspire you.


Buy An Existing Business by

An organised approach is one of the best ways to tackle taking over a business. On this webpage you will learn the basics of how to go about buying another business in a step-by-step guide. Click here.

Money Plant

Business Acquisition As A Growth Plan by David Betts

There can be substantial benefits to taking over a suitable business, providing you go through a structured approach. How do you assess whether a business is worth buying? When is the best time to do it? How much should you offer? Theses are a few issues I cover in my blog. Read it by clicking here.

8 Signs That A Small Business May Be Approaching Insolvency by

There are some tell tale signs to look for if you want to discover if a business is getting into difficulties. Bytestart talks about 8 things that indicate to a business owner that his firm is having problems but they are things you can also look for in other businesses that you may want to buy. Read now.

10 Tips To Consider Before Buying A Business by

Some people prefer to buy a growing concern rather than starting one themselves. Before taking the plunge to buy another business, you may wish to read this article. It gives you 10 things to think about before spending your money. Click to read.

Growth Through Acquisitions: A Fresh Look by Patricia L. Anslinger and Thomas E. Copeland

This article in the Harvard Business Review looks at mergers and acquisitions as a strategy. It includes seven things that will help to make your acquisition work. See now.

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